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Greetings from your yorkwood village dental team



We’re so glad you’ve arrived on our website! We know you’ve probably taken many things into consideration in the process of choosing us for all your dental needs. It is, after all, an important decision – and you want to know you’ve checked off all the important boxes. If you haven’t yet explored the rest of our site, we encourage you to. You’ll find a lot of valuable information about our team, services, and more! On this page, we cover the first-visit experience. That’s because we want you to know exactly what to expect – before you arrive! Have a read through or give us a call for any questions you may have. Your satisfaction – at each phase of your dental journey – is important to us!


After you walk through our door, a friendly face will greet you and ask for important information about your medical history. This needs to be collected so we can provide the most suitable treatment recommendations that meet your needs. Depending on what we learn, we may need to modify treatment – but you can leave that up to us! 


Have additional questions about the treatments we recommend? Want to fully understand your insurance and get the most out of your benefits? Our knowledgeable team will listen and help give you the answers you need to receive the care you deserve. We believe in transparency and excellent communication with all of our patients, at all times.


Just to let you know now … your first hygiene visit will likely be longer than others, even if you had a recent appointment elsewhere. This simply comes down to the fact we want to get acquainted with you and your smile before embarking on your treatment plan. At this point, we will create a mouth-map to track changes over time. It’s how we are able to pinpoint your specific oral health needs and concerns. That’s not all … we’ll also check for signs of oral cancer and TMJ (jaw joint) issues. 


If you have experienced anxiety in the past or just want to get a feel for our office before your visit, this is your chance to do it. Our team would be happy to show you around! Get a close look at our warm, welcoming environment and amenities, and discover why so many of your neighbours have made us their family dentist in Keswick. When the tour is over, you’ll feel good about what the future has in store. 


Have an open and honest chat with your doctor. Express your wishes for your smile – they will listen! Then we’ll fill you in on what we find during our exam and how we should proceed with your personalized dental plan. From talking about your regular care schedule to looking at cosmetic options you may be interested in, there’s a lot we can talk about when it comes to your smile. You can be sure we’ll listen and share our expertise for your benefit.  


At Yorkwood Village Dental, we make use of digital imaging to get a good look at what is happening in your mouth. In addition to x-rays, we have a handheld intraoral camera that allows us to show you – in seconds – what we see!


If you suffer a dental injury, are interested in how our sedation options can help you achieve worry-free dental treatment, or have any smile concerns, we want to hear from you. Call now and get the answers you need to keep and maintain a healthy smile!  

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